It can be important to take a compassion break each day. One way we can do this is to take a minute to slow down and do a breathing practice. Our breath is one of the the most powerful ways we have of calming our minds and bodies. 

If you have time to sit in a quiet place for this practice, that is great, but you can also do this practice if you are standing in a queue, waiting for a lift, or having a cup of tea. Take a minute to just settle into your body and let yourself breathe. First just notice your breath, without trying to change anything.

Then, when you are ready, allow your breath to become more even and balanced. You can do this by gently counting to yourself on the inbreath and outbreath, trying to breathe in and out to the same count. For example, you may count 1...2...3... as you breathe in and 1...2...3... as you breathe out. It doesn't matter what your count it, as long as your breath is rhythmic and even. If you like, you can imagine breathing in and out from the centre of your chest. 

Continue the practice for a few moments if you are able, but even 30 seconds of rhythmic, even breathing can bring a moment of compassion to your day. 

Please note that some people have trouble with using the breath to calm themselves and if you are one of them, this is not your fault. There are other CFT practices that may be more helpful for you.